Kylo Ren – Letter from the Principal


< Warning: This contains spoilers from THE FORCE AWAKENS. But if you haven’t seen it yet, you are probably not interested in this piece anyways. >

Dear Mr Solo and General Skywalker,

We are writing this letter to suggest that you consider an alternative educational option for your son Benjamin Solo. As we discussed in previous correspondence, the academic demands of The Jedi Community Day School do not align with the strengths and challenges of your unique child.

While we encourage imaginative play, Ben has to be reminded on numerous occasions to leave the masks and capes in the dress up area when playtime is over. As his teachers told him, he has a beautiful face and shouldn’t feel he needs to hide it, even when he is scowling.  

We’ve noticed that Ben’s behavior seems to get more challenging whenever Ben’s father is out of town. We know your work requires frequent travel, but you should be aware of the toil this takes on your son. He seemed pretty disappointed that the toys you promised him were dumped when your ship was raided. One teacher overheard him mutter that “carbonite would be too light a punishment for such a betrayal.”

The school psychologist is concerned about anger management issues and she is working with him on keeping things in perspective. For example, how to express disappointment when another child ‘escapes prison’ in Capture the Flag without overturning the sandbox and alienating his teammates. Many kids play with him out of fear of what he will to do them if they decline. Ross Greene’s book The Explosive Child may shed some light on the situation.

Something we are very curious about is Ben’s reaction to the new student in our class. For some reason he seems very confused about her, suggesting he might possibly have met her before or even be related to her. “Are you my sister? my cousin?” It was very hard for Ben when she demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn quickly. While she had no previous experience reading, on the day she joined our class she picked up a book and became fluent in a matter of minutes. “It’s like the letters are just telling me messages,” she said, much to Ben’s chagrin. “It’s no fair!” he wailed. “I’ve spent years developing my skills. Why are her powers equal to mine on her very first day?”

Many of his classmates are still scared following his unusual outburst on grandparents day.

Ben has demonstrated much creativity in free play, both in building and imaginative play, although he continues to have difficulty negotiating social situations with his peers. He was determined to rebuild the blocks in the exactly the same structure as was destroyed two previous times. “We’ve already played this one,” the other kids said. “Twice!” But Ben insisted that time time it was bigger and stronger and none of the other rebel kids would figure out how to destroy it. He seemed genuinely surprised that after two hours of play it was time to take apart his creation and put away the blocks.

As we mentioned above, we recommend finding an alternate educational setting that would be better able to support Ben’s unique abilities. A smaller class with a smaller teacher-student ratio would help Ben to his full potential. We believe he will only learn properly under the guidance of a mentor-type teacher who can lead him towards positive choices. This is especially important in light of the frequent absence of his own father.

We are aware of the tension that having such a challenging child can make on your home life. This must be very hard on you and Han and any other children. By the way, are there other children? You didn’t fill in that part on the school registration form. Ben said something about maybe having a sister, but then said he wasn’t allowed to tell or someone named JJ would get very angry at him. We know your family has some complicated history but we encourage being open and honest with children, even at a young age, about their family. It can be very traumatic for an individual to find out as an adult that their family members are not who they believed them to be.

Please be aware that the school’s therapist is also available for couples counselling. There is no shame in working on your marriage before it is too late.

Please be in touch if you have any further questions and May The Force Be With You.

Yours Truly,
The Jedi Community Day School


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